Online Applications for changes in Voter ID Card (or) Election Commision of India ID Card

This is – – very useful link!

One can update / modify their personal details (himself / herself) on their existing Voter ID Card (if they want to make any changes / rectify the mistakes made by either Election Commission of India or by someone from their household), directly from the above link. This is a very good initiative and also useful for many (as 99% of the details in the Voter ID Card are not correct – either because of the person who provides such information or because of the person who saves that information or the one who updates that information into the computer database.

Below are the snapshots of the web pages for filling this online application (for change of details):
Now as shown in the picture above select Form- 8 (Correct your Card) Option from the E-Registration Menu Item. A new window / tab will open as shown in the below picture, which is the actual application form – here we need to fill the correct details and attach a passport size photo graph (preferably – 376 x 413 – size – rectangular photo – you can use ms paint to do this), soft copy right from your computer system. 

Not only modifying and applying the changed details online, but one can also check the status of such application from the below shown page:

Once the Application is duly filled and after saving it by pressing the above shown two buttons “Translate” (which will translate the language from English to Telugu in additional boxes) and “Save” (which will register the application and generates an application number – please find it on the right top corner of the filled application, just above the photography – to track the status). 

Print / Save a PDF Copy of such completely filled application form, which will help you in tracking the status from the below page.  

Not only correcting or changing the details on existing Voter ID Card, but one can also apply or register for a new Voter ID Card from this site sitting in front of a computer with an internet connection.

For More Information on Election Commission of India, feel responsible and please visit the site:


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  1. vinay says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Chaitanya for this valuable info.. This is quite helpful.

  3. Its my pleasure sharing such information!!

    • venkat says:

      Hi chaitanya,
      i am submitting form 8 and form8a at a time means oneday and brother form 6 aplication also submitted 3 time (because of server problem)i didn’t get any reference no but in search box search house details and getting three apllication forms in the same name .what can i do.
      pls help me.

  4. It will hardly take a day to update the voter id card for the official, but no one is taking it as serious as it required!! So no one can tell how many days it takes…..And one more thing, you will not get the voter id card to your door step. You need to visit the main eSeva center to receive it (by paying Rs.10.00)!!Don't expect speedy services from Govt.

    • peyant says:

      Hi chaitaniya, I need to change my address only the house number. Which form I have to apply, Form 8 or 8A

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can you please tell me where is the main Eseva office in Hyderbad ?

  6. There is nothing called main eSeva Office in Hyderabad..check this link for list of eSeva Centers in Hyderabad:

  7. HI Chaitanya i want to ask one question.Previously i was living in rohini delhi, now my add is changed i.e my assembly constituency has been changed and i am also not a registered user. becz i made my voter id card 1 year ago.How do i change my address now.Please thrown some light Email id is

  8. Karan,You need to submit Form 8A (online) at is the solution (transpose your card).Best Regards,Chaitanya

  9. Hi Chaitanya, This is ram kumar from west godavari Dist. I am very thankful for your information. I made changes to my ID Card through online. When I am looking for the status, it shows "Application Under Process". After completion of modifications, how can we get the Id card….

  10. what is the procedure of changing my address on my voter id card…i had changed my resident 2 years back but still now i haven't changed my address i and face a lot of problems regarding my valid documents….i stay at kolkata

  11. I am sure, you did not read my article above… please go through the same, it has a very detailed information about the process of changing all (including) address details in your existing voter id card.

  12. Ram,Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my article(s)..When the status of your voter id card application shows "application accepted" – then you need to visit the eSeva center that falls into your constituency, where you will get the updated voter id card. They will charge a nominal fee of Rs. 10/- for the same.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  13. what isPart number of electoral rollSerial number in that part:

  14. Ram kumar says:

    Thanks for u r information…

  15. Ramesh,I believe you have your voter id card with you.On the backside of it you should be able to see a total of 6 digits in the following format – (3 digit number / 3 digit number), first 3 digits says the part number and the later one is the serial number…These numbers stand for – 1) Area Code and 2) Your Serial Number in that particular area..Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your queries.Best Regards,Chaitanya

  16. where to collect my voter ID card WHEN APPLIED ONLINE..,my voter ID status is updated few months ago…can i get it now

  17. where to collect my voter ID card WHEN APPLIED ONLINE..,my voter ID status is updated few months ago…can i get it

  18. Hellu Arundeep,Initially you need to check the status of your application as mentioned above, then once the status is "Application Accepted" your new Voter ID card will be ready with your concerned area eSeva Center.By paying Rs. 10/- you will obtain your Voter ID Card at the major eSeva (that falls under your constituency). All you need to do is note down your Voter ID Card number from the website result window.Note: Read the above article for better understanding about the process.Best Regards,Chaitany

  19. i have applied for the correction in name and address 5 months ago & My application id is F8-0067652. and in the status it is still showing as no records found……!

  20. Hello Mohammed,Thank you for visiting my blog and rising your query.You need to click on "Know Your Status" from "E-Registration" Menu button on the website: and then should select the following radio buttons Application ID (this is the default value) and Form-8 (this you need to change from Form-6) and then by pasting you application id number as mentioned above "F8-0067652" you can able to see the latest status of your application for changes…Let me know if you still have any further queries.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  21. Shaik Bajee says:


  22. Hello Mr. Babu, Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your query.You need to click on "Know Your Status" from "E-Registration" Menu button on the website: and then should select the following radio buttons – Application ID (this is the default value) and Form-8 (this you need to change from Form-6) and then by pasting your application id number as mentioned above "F8-0085922" and click on the search button, you will be able to see the latest status of your application for changes…Let me know if you still have any further queries.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  23. chotu says:

    HI chaitanya i want to now whether we san change our details at e-seva centres???

  24. Hi Chotu,We cannot change the details at eSeva Centres..It is not possible. Website is the only option.Best Regards,Chaitanya

  25. Shaik Bajee says:


  26. Shaik,I donot have any Idea about it, you need to contact Govt. to know the reason of this.Best Regards,Chaitanya

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chaitanya,This is Kumar. I have read the your blog. Thanks for your valuable information. I filled Form-8 through online to change the address from her place(Rajempet,ysr dt) to my place(kadapa,ysr dt),last week. How long will it take for changing the address?.Do we need to contact M.R.O. directly for changing the address.? .For passport, We don't have any address proofs for her.. we took resident certificate from M.R.O .Is it engouh for passport?Sorry, I don't have account. I have submitted anyonymous. Please reply.

  28. Kumar,In your case the voter id card is not a valid address proof (as it will not be one year old by now). With the resident certificate from MRO – you can change the address of her bank account (existing from at least from the last one year)and then you have to use the bank statement / passbook along with a covering letter from the bank as a valid address proof.1) If the account is in any nationalized bank then the updated passbook itself is enough, no need of a covering letter or a bank statement. (But as the Covering letter has some additional information such as the a/c. holder name, date since he/she is holding that a/c., purpose of the letter i.e., for passport, address of the a/c. holder as per their records etc., it is advised to keep that letter as well along with you while submitting documents at PSK)2) For those who are not having account in Nationalized bank they are supposed to take these two documents (hard copies – of covering letter and statement of account for the last one year) from their respective banks – these include ICICI, AXIS etc.,Hope your queries are clarified.Keep visiting my

  29. Anonymous says:

    Dear sir,Iam v.Ravikirankumar We are shited from Kurnool to Tenali. (guntur). How should i change my voter id address & how much time taken to take new card with present adress.Please help me in this matter.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hi.. Iam Esha currently shifted to hyderabad with my husband after our marraige ..i want to apply for voter id so how to it possible to apply here..pls guide me

  31. Hi Esha,It is very much possible to apply for a fresh Voter ID card (using your husband's Voter ID card details) or Transpose (Change of Address) your existing Voter ID card by submitting the Form 8A in website.All you need to do is collect the necessary information required for applying an Voter ID card shown in this form:- me know if you need any additional information.Best Regards,Chaitanya

  32. Hello Ravi, Thank you for visiting my blog and posting your comment.It is as simple as correcting details in your existing voter id card, but should use the Form 8A for change of address (Transpose).Copy the below link and paste it on a web browser to see the format of the form: obtaining the new card, it will take about 4-8 weeks – provided the concerned department should work sincerely. Free suggestion, if you are looking for an address proof for applying passport then this will not be a valid proof. please go through my blog post @ :- me know if you need any additional info..Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  33. Arundeep,You need to visit your area eSeva Centre along with your voter id card number to obtain your Voter ID Card.Sorry for the delay in my response – I must have over looked it.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  34. Raja Sekhar says:

    hi sir, i have applied my voter id by changing my name,date of birth and address as it was wrong in form 8 ….but in that part no,serial no in previous id are 103/498,but when i have checked in website no.s are 105/493 .so i have applied with the later ones….did any thing wrong it makes..please infom me?in how many days we will get the voter id card?

  35. Raja Sekhar says:

    how can i apply passport?what is the process and need of proofs?

  36. Hello Raja Sekhar,Nothing wrong in what you did, there might be the change in part and serial numbers due to the additional electorial constiuencies. Answer to your next question is – it might take between 1-3 months, based on the sincerety and priority of the concerned department.Best Regards,Chaitanya

  37. Raja Sekhar,Thank you for visiting my blog.If you want to apply for a passport through online then read the below post: procedure-for-applying-passport Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Hi ,I want to change my present name and address in my voter id card. AS you said in above post , i visited the website but the form 8 and 8a link is not working in the website..i tried so many times but the link is not working. Can we visit e-seva directly for correction of name and address. i.e Filling form offline etc.. and Last question — How many days it will take to get the changes affected..?? Plz answer my queries… Thank you

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hello , What is the difference between form 8 and form 8A ?? i need to change my name as well as address in my voter card.. so which form should i fill?Plz reply…. Thank you

  40. stunner says:

    How much time will it take to make corrections in voter card.. Is there any way like tatkal etc inorder to get fast name and address correction in voter card??

  41. sir now i am staying apart from my parents, i am having voter id card in previous constituency.while filling the form for changes in voter id card, i have to fill my mother/father voter id details, will there be any problem if their card is in different constituency.? kindly clarify

  42. hari says:

    i am having 20/940 on the back side of my voter card.. it means the part number is 20 and the serial number 940… right????

  43. Difference is if you just want to change the mistakes then you have to use Form 8, otherwise if you want to change the address from one Assembly Constituency to other then you should use Form 8A (Transpose).Transpose means change the address from one place to other.Hope you got it.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  44. If you just want to change the mistakes in name and address then you have to use Form 8, otherwise if you want to change the address from one Assembly Constituency to other then you should use Form 8A (Transpose).Probably the servers were busy during that time, so try again now its working (I have checked now and its up). Form 8 Form 8A You cannot achieve this by visiting any e-Seva prior to the online corrections.. no offline business.As this work is related to government officials, we cannot assure anything. But generally it takes 5-6 weeks. Once your application is accepted then you should visit the concerned e-Seva to obtain your voter id card by paying Rs. 10/-.Hope you got it.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  45. As this work is related to government officials, we cannot assure anything about the deadline. But generally it takes 5-6 weeks. There is no other way like tatkal as per my knowledge – but you can always try visiting your area MRO/Chief Electoral Office to check the same.Please let me know if there is such option available.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  46. Sunil,Thank you for visiting my blog, I really appreciate your time.I don't think there will be any problem in providing those details. For example a girl who gets newly married may want to move permanently to their in-laws place and might want to provide her parents voter id details for transposing her voter id card.Thus you too can do that!!Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  47. I have just filled Form 8 at election office of the assembly constituency.After that I asked the person there how much time it will take and the person told me to come after FIVE MONTHS !!!! Now what should I do?

  48. Hari,You are exactly correct – 20 is part no. and 940 is the serial number…Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  49. Hello Friend,If you have patience then wait for 5 Months otherwise demand for an explanation – why it requires 5 Months for such a simple job, at the same office!Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  50. Anonymous says:

    i completed the above process in changing the address in voter id before 20 hours. i even checked the status report. i got my name in that. from how after how many days i should go and get my voter id from eseva. is there still any process to be done or should i wait still? it is very urgent for me to apply passport. please let me know any idea.

  51. hyonzon says:

    In my voter Identity Card i have to change my date of Birth immediately but no way how to apply for this Voter ID and where i have get the form for applying the voter ID.

  52. Hyonzon – ThanQ for visiting my blog.For rectifying mistakes in your blog you have an option to make changes online – please read my blog above.But if it is for applying passport then it is not a good choice, because it will take more than a few months for Govt. of India to get those changes done.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  53. For applying passport, please don't rely on this (Voter ID Card) it is taking more than 2 months to get the changes reflect. The process is very lengthy and time consuming – it is better to choose another address proof document such as bank account statement and covering letter..please read this article – Regards,Chaitanya.

  54. PRI says:

    Hii live in noida…i want to change the gender in my voter id card…instead of female they printed as male…how can i apply for a change…please reply soon…its very urgent.Thank you.

  55. PRI says:

    i live in noida..i want to change the gender in my voter id card…instead of female they printed as male…how can i apply online for a change…please reply soon…its urgent…

  56. Just like for Andhra Pradesh, there is a website for Uttar Pradesh please go through this website and fill Form 8 available at, and submit..I dont know whether there is an option to do this online or not, but if you can go through this website then you will understand the process.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  57. Please see the below comment to find the answer for your question..

  58. Annu says:

    Thankyou Chaitanya ….Ur Blog is Very USefull

  59. Mr. Chaitanya UR Blog is Very good and Very Useful….Thanx for UR Blog Can I load UR blog in my website…??(9959773477)

  60. ThanQ for your appreciations, Anu…I will keep sharing useful information through my blog!

  61. Dear Mr. Chakravarthy, Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your comments, I really appreciate it.As per your request, you can certainly use my blog in yours – but please mention the source with a link to my blog!Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  62. bharath says:

    hi chaitanya, i wanted to apply passport and i had proofs like voter card, 1 year bank statement and date of birth. but the problem is my name in voter id is misplaced as reddi instead of reddy. I applied for correction but i need password immediately and i heard that if we say to the officer about the change of name,then they will accept. is it right????please help me …..:)

  63. Hello Bharath,All you need to do is visit your bank and take one year (latest) bank statement with a covering letter from them (the letters should have your permanent current residence address similar to what you want on your passport and date since you are operating that account and your name as mentioned on your SSC).Forget about your Voter ID Card, they might not consider that.That's how you will get it.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  64. HARITHA says:


  65. Hello Haritha,Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.Yes, all you need to do is just fill and submit Form-6 @ the below link.. In case if you are facing any other problem, then it must be your browser or internet problem.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  66. NareshKumar says:

    Hi Chaitanya, my name is naresh and am from my voter id card there is a spelling mistake in my name.i want to correct it. Please kindly tell me the procedure and what are the documents required for can i apply online for a change.please reply soon…its urgent..Thanks in advance.

  67. Hello Naresh,Kindly ready my post on this article above – it has every detail mentioned in it.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  68. Vikash says:

    i want to apply online for jharkhand statedo u know the link for applying online for voter id in jharkhand

  69. Ravi k says:

    Hi Chaithanya,I used Form 8A instead of Form 8 for changing address in the same Constituency. what to do now. Can you please suggest me.

  70. Fill the Form 8 and submit that once again.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  71. NareshKumar says:

    thanks for ur valueble information. Finaly one small doubt?Local area certificte(provided by VRO) is enough to change the spelling mistake in name are any other documents are needed?Thanks in advance.

  72. Naresh,There is a process in place and you have to read my post carefully to understand the process.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  73. Ashok says:

    How can I apply for Voter ID card. Is it by filling Form 6A but the thing is it's not openingplease help me and how many it will take for the whole process?

  74. Hello Ashok,If you want to apply for a fresh voter id card, then yes – you have to fill Form 6 from CEOAndhra.NIC.IN – Click here for the form .Once you fill the form and submit successfully, it will generally take about one month to 3 months time for you to obtain your voter id card.You need to keep on tracking the status of your application (using your application id number), through the "Know Your Status" option from the same website. Once your application is processed successfully, then it will ask you to collect your voter id card from a specific eSeva Center.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  75. Ashok says:

    Thank you sir..:)

  76. reddy says:

    the application form is asking for part and serial number. i don`t kow what to give , can u please suggest a solution.

  77. Your parent's or neighbor's voter ID will have the Part Number and Serial Number you need not fill.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  78. reddy says:

    but its mandatory to fill. My parents too don`t have numbers.Any other method to sort out this problem.

  79. Mr. Reddy,III. Details of member(s) of applicant's family already included in the current electoral roll of the Constitutency:is not mandatory to fill in Form 6 – so fill the rest in the form and submit.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  80. sam johnny says:

    hello i want to know weather i can change my fathers name from my passport as it has gone wrong.if yes i do not have same address id proofs.

  81. I don't know the process for this, but you should visit the nearest PSK to know the process and to get the support.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  82. Shaik Bajee says:

    hai chaitanaya, thank u for ur valuble information. i was applied new voter id card through Eregestration at 2months back. but till today statues shows as the verification is under process. how many days it will take for verification.

  83. Dear Shaik Bajee,Thank you for visiting my blog and appreciating me, its my pleasure.Generally it will take about 4 to 6 weeks for them to approve your request.Once it is approved it will mention the eSeva name, where you should go and collect your Voter ID Card by paying Rs. 10/-.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Is the website that you have provided here for residents of Andhra only?? I am from Haryana.

  85. Yes, it is for the people of Andhra Pradesh.For Haryana it is – and I believe this website also will have this featured service.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  86. Anonymous says:

    hi chaitaya,i am satish.within hyderabad we changed from one constituency to other.Now i want to change my address on the voter card,but i don't have part no. and serial no. on the back of my voter card,even on my parent's voter card. what i have to mention in application.

  87. Hi Chaitanya…. Your blog is very very helpful. Thanks for that…I come up with a query. I need to apply for a passport in tatkal. Documents i have at present are:** Pan card** Ration Card** Voter ID (With mistakes. Submitted for correction, form-8)** 10th certificate for DOB.Please let me know what else I need…Thank you,Praveen.

  88. Jeevan says:

    Hello Sir,Firstly, I thank you for providing valuable information. I have made corrections in my voter card by filling form 8. Generally how long will it take to get corrected? Waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.Regards,Jeevan

  89. hello sir, i have filled the online application of voter id. i forgot to take printout of the application and closed the browser. how can i reprint my aplication. from Andhra Pradesh.

  90. Hello Friend,You have the search option to find your application and status.From Search Your Name in the same website – Regards,Chaitanya.

  91. Dear Jeevan,It will generally take 3-8 weeks for processing this application.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  92. Thank you for your appreciation Praveen.If you want to apply for the passport through Tatkal scheme..please go through this post – Regards,Chaitanya.

  93. Hi Satish,If you have your old Voter ID card, then using the number mentioned on it you can transpose your card to the new address/constituency by submitting the Form 8A.If you are not sure of the part number and serial number – then you can leave those fields.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  94. Smita says:

    Hi,I am from Orissa, but I am staying in hyderabad from last 4 years. I am planning to settle down here only. So how I will apply for voter id card as well as passport? What are the document I need?

  95. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chaitanya,You are doing a great job in helping out the common people who are troubled with the lethargic attitude and way of functioning on this government. I really appreciate this.I have a query regarding the form 8. I have submitted the form online and got my application ID 10 days ago. The status now is "Under Verification". My question is do I need to visit the municipal office and submit any documents as proof or the changes I requested in the form will be accepted. Further, there is a drive going on till 31st October where in the booth level officers are collecting the filled in forms along with the proof of address and identity. What would be the case if I submit the documents to this officer along with the filled in form now that I have already filled the form 8 online?Thanks & Regards,Syed

  96. Dear Syed,My suggestion for you would be to attend the drive and inform them about your online application form and go by their advise.Because even your online application needs to be verified by the same authorities.But if you just want to rely on the online process, then you should visit the eSeva Center mentioned in it (on the status) to obtain your voter id card. No need to visti municipal office nor submit any proofs.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  97. But for this approval it will take about 4-6 weeks time.

  98. Smita,Please refer the following posts for Process to Apply for Voter ID Card Online Process to Apply for Passport OnlineIt is very much possible for you to apply for Passport from Hyderabad but not sure about the voter id card.Refer this site to know the required documents for applying passport: Required Documents for Fresh PassportAll the very best.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  99. Jeevan says:

    Thanks sir :)is there any chance of getting rejected ?? Actually in my previous card House no mentioned was old number. But when i corrected it, i hv entered both New and old. But i havent enclosed any proof for it.

  100. Anonymous says:

    can we make changes to new enrollment (form-6)

  101. No, we cannot make changes once the form 6 is submitted. We have to wait again until it gets approved to make further changes to it.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  102. Jeevan,There is a possibility for getting rejected. But as long as you are providing correct details your card will be approved..Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  103. akash says:

    very helpful post! thanks..i want to ask something…i have no address proof and i am just 19 then how can i give my residence proof?i have no bank account, no ration card, no their any way out? how can i use my parents id proofs?

  104. hi Chaitanya,Your solutions are pretty good.You are helping us in a great way.I have a problem with the form – 6.I have submitted form-6, But I did a mistake in selecting Assembly constituency.Can I make any changes in form-6? I have already submitted it.Kindly provide me the information.

  105. Hi Ramesh,Not at this point in time, but you can make changes in it once it is approved and ready.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  106. Akash,You must have any of the below proofs as a valid address proof document:Proof of AddressYou are required to submit the following document1 Water Bill2 Telephone (landline or post paid mobile bill)3 Electricity bill4 One year statement (with transactions)/ Passbook of running bank account (Scheduled Commercial bank excluding Regional Rural banks and local area banks)5 Income Tax Assessment Order6 Election Commission Photo ID card7 Proof of Gas Connection8 Certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letter head9 Spouse's passport copy (First and last page including family details), (provided the applicant's present address matches the address mentioned in the spouses passport)10 Applicant's current and valid ration card11 Parent's passport copy, in case of minors(First and last page)Note (For Document No. 1, 2, and 3) : Atleast 2 bills are required – One bill should of be of last year and the other bill of current year.Note (For Document No. 8) : Only public limited companies can give address proof on company letter head along with seal. Computerised print-outs shall not be entertained.Note (For Document No. 10) : If any applicant submits only ration card as proof of address, it should be accompanied by one more proof of address out of the given categories.Source:

  107. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for the information.Regards,Smita

  108. Manoj Kumar says:

    sir i just applied form 6 but i can't upload my document now how am i submit our document in form 6

  109. manoj says:

    i have changed my adress through form 8 since my old adress is wrong. but iam not able to view the status

  110. search from the website search box using your application number or name…

  111. Manoj,No need of uploading any documents apart from Image….Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  112. It is my pleasure…Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  113. Anonymous says:


  114. sravanthy b says:

    Hello…..sir,thank you very much.Your blog z gud.It guided me to corect mu voter id.Sir,i got an application no.F8-0134993 i corrected yesterday,status showng no records found even with my voterid no.kindly let me know whether i did anythng wrong in my correction r whether my old voter card id doesn't exist in records,plz let me know what to do next

  115. sravanthy b says:

    Hi chaitanya,thanx for your blog,i corected my voter id yesterday bt d status showing no records are found.kindly plz let me know whether i made any wrong while apllication.even i got an application no.F8-0134993.Even it z showing dat my voterid no.doesnt exist in records,kindly guide me for further steps i need to do .

  116. DSK says:

    sir i have a unfamiliar doubt should we upload the image of color or black and white…in form 8.

  117. satyanand says:

    i'm filled form 8 in andhra ceo site… and i had print of it… what can i do with that print…. Can i have to submit to any office….

  118. Satyanand,Just make note of your application no. and search for the status regularly on the same site.Once it is approved, you can obtain your new voter id card at the specified eSeva Center.No need of submitting any other documents.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  119. Sravanthy, It must be the case where the servers are busy, good that you have noted down your application no. so that you can keep searching for the status.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  120. Mr. DSK,You have an option to upload either black&white or color photograph for this purpose.No mandatory condition for this.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  121. Sravanthy, It must be the case where the servers are busy, good that you have noted down your application no. so that you can keep searching for the status.Once it is approved, you will be asked to visit a specific eSeva center where you can obtain your voter id card.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  122. i have written my constuency wrong so how can i change my constuency i have applied two days back and when i wil get my voter id card

  123. Nikhil,Re-apply with correct details and mention that you have filled a wrong details in the last application (where there is a provision)…..Generally it will take about 4-6 weeks for an application to get approved.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  124. i should fill up the new form or how i can re apply with correct details

  125. Anonymous says:

    is there any prescribed time limit ? To get enrolled or rectify mistakes upon on certain date or before a certain date.

  126. No such restrictions..Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  127. Yes Nikhil,You must re-fill the application form without errors once again.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  128. means new enrollment form i should fil it

  129. my adress is correct but constuency is wrong i should recorrect the form from 8a or 8 or i should prefer new enrolment form

  130. Anonymous says:

    i hv changed my details in form 8 and submitted after seeing the status its showing application under validation hw many days it takes to verify

  131. 4 to 6 weeks from the date of application…

  132. Nikhil,You should go for new enrollment form with correct details.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  133. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chaitanya,First of all thanks for an informative blog. I need change in address and correction in my name on my Voter ID. How do I do this? Should I be first changing the address and then later make correction to the name? I think that's what is mentioned in the FAQ's. Please help.Thanks,Andy

  134. hello sir, what i am asking you is 1) i have filled the form 6 and entered all details and clicked on the translate button , save button. after that it shows us take printout of the application with photograph in it. so i forgot to take print and closed the browser. please help me in reprinting the application to submit. thanking you.

  135. Ramesh kumar says:

    We Shifted from Bhimavaram to Hyd. so we have to change the address in voter Id from Bhimavaram, West godavari To Hyd ramgareddy. Which from we have to Prepare???

  136. Mr. Ramesh,You have to fill and submit the Form 8A (Transpose) to change your constituency as well as address details.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  137. Ramesh,You have to use Form 8A (Transpose your card).Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  138. Hi Bharath,You can still search for your application and its status using your name and address details from the below link: Regards,Chaitanya.

  139. thank you Mr. chaitanya kumar. i have one doubt in the above link i saw that age on 1 jan 2013 but when it is printing it shows 1 jan 2011. is it any problem to me. because my age in 2011 jan is 22 but it printed like 24 in 2013.

  140. i found one mistake in the form(link) when we are filling it asked age on jan 2013 but when it is printing it is jan 2011. is there any problem

  141. aseervadam says:

    Hi chaitanya.. That link is not opening..:( it showing error message as "service not available"Is there any other way through online to update the Voter Details..Colud you plz help ..:)

  142. Abhinav says:

    Hi Chaitanya,I have registered for new Voter ID Card in the site mentioned.After saving I got an ID and a document which I can print.What is the next step that I need to do.Thanks,Abhi

  143. Hi Abhinav, Yes, save that document and using that ID you can search for the status of your card from the same site – it is ready, they will prompt you to visit a specific eSeva where you will obtain your Voter ID card by paying Rs. 10/-Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  144. Mr. Aseervadam,That must be due to servers problem, but that is the only link which will let u know the status.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  145. Hello Hrudayamallik,NO Problem with it, that is just calculating as per their calculations and conditions.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  146. Hello Hrudayamallik,If your age in 2011 jan is 22 then obviously it will be 24 in 2013, a simple calculation.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  147. Abhinav says:

    Thanks for the reply Chaitanya. Any idea how long will this take. Currently it says Verification is going on. What exactly is this verification since I didn't upload any documents.Thanks,Abhi

  148. siva kumar says:

    Hi Chaitanya,i have a doubt in "the family already included in the current electoral roll of the Constitutency:" column regarding the "RPart number of the roll of the Constitutency:", "Serial number in the Part: ", "Elector's Photo Identity Card Number: " can you plz advice what should we enter here in those 3 sections as mentioned. This is one my family identity card number AP/7/48/024028; and MPI Card No: 04/24/07/001/01293/05. In these two numbers can u explain me what should I enter those 3 fields.Thanking YouSiva

  149. Hi Chaitanya, My wife has voter ID which issued in 2008 in Karwar (Uttara Kannada, Karnataka) how to check her card status as I am not finding in online (There is no Uttara Kannada link)and also there is part no & in the card. This in this case should I apply as new card?Please suggest..Thanks. RB

  150. rahul dravid says:

    I registered today as a new member through form-6.After finishing translate and all. after everything i noticed that my name in Telugu is wrong,i mean spelling error.what shall i do now ?can i modify my application?any solution sir…..

  151. rahul dravid says:

    i applied online as new registration through form 6.after completing i took print then i noticed my name in telugu is wrong mean spelling mistake.what should i do now?can i modify now?

  152. Rahul Dravid,While translating from english to telugu it may print mistakes, but I believe your name in the card is printed without errors in English – which is sufficient.So no need of worries.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  153. No problem in that, you have to consider only english spellings.Best Regards,Chaitanya

  154. I am not sure what these ID number and MPI Card No.s are – generally the Voter ID card number will be of format – JJK3152XXX, and serial and part no.s will be three digit numeric number.Best Regards,Chaitanya

  155. 4-6 weeks from the date of submission.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  156. I am from Odisha and want to settle down in Hyderabad. Can I get a Voter-ID card of AP. If so kindly let me know the procedure to follow. I have all address proofs from Odisha.

  157. Dear Baban,If you are originally from Odisha, and willing to settle down in Hyderabad – then you have to wait at least for 5 years with valid address proof documents such as gas connection papers or property registration papers or property tax docs to apply for Voter ID card in AP.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  158. Anonymous says:

    what is part number of electoral roll and serial number in that part?

  159. Anonymous says:


  160. I have applied for voter id through online and have got my application id no.When will i get my voter id.Will i get a message or email when to collect from Eseva centre.

  161. I have applied for my voter id through online and got my application id number.When will i get my voter id .Will i get a message or e-mail when to go to eseva centre to collect my voter id.

  162. Hello Manvitha,Using your application id you have to track the status of your voter id card.Upon approval it will display the eSeva Center name and approved message at the search page. Then you have to visit that specific eSeva to obtain the voter id card. Regards,Chaitanya.

  163. Manvitha,Did you ever mentioned your phone/email in it?If so there may be a possibility (but as per my knowledge, it is not so processed), but it is a manual process – please read my below reply to your latest comment.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  164. Based on different divisions of an electorial constituency, govt allocates specific numbers called Part No.s and will arrange all the citizens in a specific order and no. them with serial numbers.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  165. Based on different divisions of an electorial constituency, govt allocates specific numbers called Part No.s and will arrange all the citizens in a specific order and no. them with serial numbers.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  166. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chaitanya,Hope you are doing great!How can i know status without voter id number?, actually i lost my card

  167. If you forgot your ID Number then, use your name and select the same option at – Regards,Chaitanya.

  168. AjAy says:

    There are many me-seva centeres in our constituency. Where i need to go to collect my voter ID

  169. Raj says:

    Hi Chaitanya,I need to change my wife married name on voters id , what form do i need to fill online what documents i need to provide while filling the form….please advise

  170. naseer says:

    you are doing great job sir.i just have to change my address in the same constituency,which form should i fill?in form 8 what is part number,serial number of that poll? how can i get this?

  171. Hello Naseer,As expected by you, you have to fill Form 8 for making corrections in your existing voter id card. Part No. and Serial No.s are printed on the back side of your voter id card (Part No. / Serial No.) generally three digit each. To know more about these numbers read my previous answers (comments).Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  172. Ajay,Upon approval of your application, they will specify the me-seva name where you can obtain your voter id card from.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  173. This comment has been removed by the author.

  174. Raj -If it is same constituency the form should be Form 8, else Form 8A.All you need to do is, just include your name and details on your wife's application (there will be a provision for the same) which would act as a supporting documentary proof.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  175. Anonymous says:

    sir can i know about form 18 as agrduate

  176. Hello Friend,First of all, I should really appreciate you for raising such an important query / question on my blog with a single line (of course with a spelling mistake).To answer your question:Form 18 is a special application that needs to be submitted by a "Graduate citizen of India" at their respective electoral office (constituency) to claim that he/she is holding a valid degree (or higher qualified) certificate, enclosing with this application form – self attested and attested by a Gazetted officer. Government has initiated this process to provide an opportunity for graduates to elect their MLC (Member of Legislative Council) and only such a subset of graduates electing the leader is called as a Graduates' Constituency. Another key note of this is that, such a graduate (who successfully submits the Form 18) would be eligible to participate in direct elections and contend for the MLC position. Download your application @ Regards,Chaitanya.

  177. Anonymous says:

    sir i am a graduate and i have my voter id card, can i enroll in form18

  178. Yes, you can absolutely fill and submit the Form 18 to your Electoral Officer. Note:- As mentioned above, you need to enclose a self attested graduation certificate along with the application form attested by the Gazetted officer. Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  179. srikanth says:

    hello sir my name is srikanth in online voters list my name my bros name and my mom name is not included if i search also it is telling that no maching found so in online i appiled for a new enrollmentwith a new address in ( form 6).Previously i was residing at l b nagar now i shifted to bairamalguda its comes under same constituency. how can i get my new voter id card

  180. do you any information about aadhar card

  181. Anonymous says:

    sir in form 8, Polling Station number of electoral roll and Serial number in that polling station i don't know about this columns where i get these details or these details are printed in my old card?

  182. Srikanth,I hope you have saved the application numbers while submitting Form 6 for your bro and mom. Either using those application numbers or their names, we can find the status and eSeva centre name – where you will obtain the voter id cards. Regards,Chaitanya.

  183. Nikhil,Yes I do have info about aadhar card status – let me know your query, I should be able to help you.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  184. Form 8 is for corrections – that means with your existing voter id card you must have those part no. and serial no. printed on the back side of the card.please read my earlier comments on this post to know more info.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  185. Anonymous says:

    I found these no's in back side at the right bottom of the card 149/812 in which , which is serial no and which is polling station no.

  186. Part No. 149Sl. No. 812Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  187. Satish says:

    How to change the name in election id card…????

  188. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chaitanya This is Upendra from Hyderabad, i need a clarification, I have the voter id with name s upender, nw correct name is s upendra, when i searched online i can able to view the correct details, so should i collect my new voter id card with e seva centre kindly suggest

  189. revana says:

    Hello Shri. Chaitanya Kumar garu,I have applied voter ID in online, you have said that pay Rs. 10/- at eseva we need to go along with our proofs?

  190. Hello Satish,If your question is about "How to make changes in your voter id card" then read my blog post carefully.If you want to change the name altogether even then you have to follow the same.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  191. Dear Upendra,Yes, you should visit the eSeva Center displayed on the search page i.e., at you can provide your voter id card number to them, then you can obtain your new voter id card.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  192. Revana,No, we need not carry any documentary proofs to eSeva Center for obtaining voter id card.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  193. Anonymous says:

    Hello Chaitanya ,I appriciate your help, i also wanted some information so writing it to u, I have apllied for new voter id by filling form 6 on 07/11/2012, but it still shows Application is Under Verification could u pls let me know how long does it take for the process to finish and when would one b gettin the card. and also pls tell me , is tat i would need to visit eseva office with some document proofs once the card is made or it wil be sent to my home address.Thanks,Pragya

  194. Hello Pragya,Generally it will take 30 to 45 days to get approved.Once it is approved, it will display a specific eSeva name – where you need to visit to obtain your voter id card. They would not demand for any documentary proof, other than your name and voter id number (to tally).Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  195. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chaitanya, I have voter id card with correct name but D.O.B year is wrong and address has minor changes Please let me know the procedure where i can update my dob year & address correction online

  196. Hello Friend,Please go through the above post completely to get answer for your question. Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  197. Anonymous says:

    hi,I have given a requision for change of address, its been a week or 2 but i haven't come across any information about that. may i know how to get the information about its status, i mean till where the process has been enabled

  198. Anonymous says:

    sir,please let me how to know the progress of given requision for change of address

  199. Dinesh says:

    HIIIIII Im dinesh from Andhra pradesh.i had appiled for my voter card in online a month Ago,but it shows application is still under verification!!!How muany days it takes for verification???Do u have any IDEA????

  200. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chaitanya,I have voter id card with correct name but address is wrong Please let me know the procedure where i can update my add. correction Thanks jay singh

  201. Mr. Jay Singh,Please go through my above blog post to get answer. Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  202. Hello Dinesh,Thank you for writing on my blog.It will generally takes 30 to 45 days for getting approved.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  203. Using your Application ID or Name you can find the status of your voter id card application @ Best Regards,Chaitaya.

  204. Only once your application is verified and approved you will get to know about it.. please go through the below link (copied in the below reply) to track the status.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  205. BHASURANANDA says:

    sir, my application status is rejected by saying "photo not given during verification" though i have uploaded it. what should i do now

  206. Sometimes due to server issues the photograph might not upload into the application, so you might want to apply for it once again.Don't loose the confidence, it will happen this time.All the very best,Chaitanya.

  207. Anonymous says:

    hello,I wanted to make changes in my voter id,but the time for making changes hasbeen completed,let me know when again i can make changes.

  208. Hello Friend,Probably they want to finish the existing applications first, then they will release another date for further applications.Don't worry, keep waiting for such date announcement.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  209. seemant says:

    i want to know my serial no and photo identity card no. in my voter idwhere it is..????

  210. Seemant, You will find something like these numbers (149/812) – at the right bottom (back side) of the card, in which 149 is Part No. and 812 is Serial No.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  211. Krishnamraju says:

    Hello Chaitanya,I did not receive the photo ID card earlier (3 years ago).But I have the card number, constituency &other data.I verified the website and found the ID card is valid (Active).My Residence address and constituency details have been changed. Now can I apply for a new card while requesting cancel the existing one instead of TRANSPOSITION.PL. Advice me.

  212. naren says:

    How the card details will be modified without knowing whether it's your own voter card or not.what if some one else change our voter id names????????

  213. pavan says:

    It takes almost 2 months to take a new card with modifications……i heard that it takes almost 5 to 6 months……i am happy now atleast i got in 2 months.

  214. Thats good news, Pavan..Yes! if you go with manual process it may take more than 6 months but using the online process we are getting the voter id card within 2 months.This is highly appreciable.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  215. No, you have to go for Card Transposition.The above status says that your card is ready, so you have to go for Transposition only.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  216. Dear Naren,I don't think any 3rd person will have interest or time to make modifications or changes to your card.In such case they need to have a lot of personal information about you – and also there will be a verification process from CEO (Chief Electoral Officer).All the very best…Chaitanya.

  217. Anonymous says:

    thanq mr.chaitanyakumar giving the info. plz tell me how in voter card my date of birth will be changed

  218. Anonymous says:

    hi sir, i want to make changes in my voter id immediately,but the link which you had given above is not available…now how can i make changes…plz give me any sugession.

  219. Hello Friend,The CEO (Govt. of A.P.) have temporarily stopped this facility as they wanted to finish the existing applications first, then they will release another date for further applications.So you just need to keep waiting for such date announcement.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  220. Hello Friend,Probably they want to finish the existing applications first, then they will release another date for further applications.In the meantime go through my post published above @ Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  221. Madan N says:

    Hi chaitanya,First I appreciate your helping nature.i applied to correct voter id card through online. at last they accepted my application.but the thing is that guys didn't mention the Eseva center concerned.but showing message of "You may obtain EPIC from the nearest e-Seva Centre".my assembly constitution is question is where should i collect the new voter id cardAppreciate your response

  222. Anonymous says:

    Dear Chitanya kumar,Right now link is not opened to change my address.what is the problem of link?.Please do needful.Thanks,Anji.

  223. Dear Madan,Thank you for writing on my blog.You must search for the status at to find the eSeva Centre name where you will obtain your voter id card.All the very best,Chaitanya.

  224. Dear Anji,May be the server was busy during then, try once again – it opened for me @ Regards,Chaitanya.

  225. phani raj says:

    sir,i applied in online for name correction in voter id.then in view status this message is showing…..Application is Rejected andNot furnished required information/Not signed by the applicant-May be Rejected.what should i do………….

  226. Dear Phani Raj,There must some problem with your application (you must have submitted an in-complete application), so you can once again submit the application with complete details.All the very best,Chaitanya.

  227. Anonymous says:

    hi, my elector id card no is TRC0156497. In this number what is Part number of electoral roll and Serial number in that part. can you please tell me.

  228. SHAH PRADEEP says:

    Hello Sir,I want to change the Photo in Voter Card because it is not clear & whenever i want to use as id proof i have to face many problems. Please tell me it is possible or not, if yes then how?

  229. You will find the Part No. and Serial No. at the back side of your voter id card.TRC……. is nothing to do with other numbers.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  230. Dear Pradeep,Follow the same instructions, mentioned above on my post to change the photograph.You should also make sure that all other details are correct on your card, if not make those changes too.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  231. Anonymous says:

    after filling and saving online agian we have to submit hard copy

  232. No need of submitting hard copy, as soon as you are done with the online form filling and saving – the application automatically gets uploaded to their servers and it is considered as your application.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  233. You did a wonderful job by creating this blog , Chaitanya Kumar

  234. Dear Dhananjaya,Thank you for visiting my blog and appreciating my work..Keep visiting for more useful information and I would love to share more such info.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  235. Ramesh power says:

    hello sir i have change in my DOB voter id., if i apply now means how many days it will take to get new voter id card

  236. tarun teja says:

    hi chaitanya,I want to apply for a new voter id card, and it requires part no and serial no . I checked the part number and serial number on voter id card ,but when I searched for it on official website both the part numbers on the website and card are different .Now which number should I enter in the form ?

  237. Hello Tarun,If you are applying for a fresh voter id card, then you need not fill those fields.But make sure that you save the application number while submitting the form.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  238. Ramesh,It will take about 45 to 60 days to get your voter id card. (They will mention a specific eSeva name, where you should go and collect your card).Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  239. D.K.RAO says:

    Dear chaitanya i read your blog it's nice Thanks for your support : Krishna rao

  240. Dear Mr. Krishna Rao,Thank you for your time visiting my blog and also for your appreciations.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  241. Anonymous says:

    hai sir .In my voter id there is a mistake regarding my surname .i saw your blog and applied it through after that i saved the pdf what should i do .shall i take the printout and go for any government offices or mee seva.i dont know how to see the status of application and how can i get my new voterid.through mail or post.

  242. AJAY SINGH says:

    hello sir,my application got rejected though i fill all the particular correctly.i think due invariable photo image it got rejected.therefore i have fiied form 8 with reguired size image though after sumiting it,print out not showing my image.same promblem had happen when i was filled form 6 sumited previously and taken printout.sir please help me out.can i fill form 6 again.

  243. Yes you can re-submit with the correct details and photo size..Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  244. Now, you need to search for the status using your application number and once it gets accepted by the CEO, a specific Mee Seva center name would be printed on the search result. You would obtain your voter id card there at that specific Mee Seva (you need to take the search result printout/details for the same, they would charge you Rs.10/- for this card).All the very best,Chaitanya.

  245. Pavan says:

    Hello Sir,I have applied for Voter Id correction through online.. Do I need to send any documents through post??? I have submitted proofs through online only.I have got acknowledgement form e portal.

  246. Naga Arjun says:

    sir i have voter id number but i am not having voter id card, how can i get can u suggest me pls.

  247. Dear Pavan,No need to send any documents, anywhere…You just need to wait for some time and check the status.When the status is turned to "accepted" they would also mention a Mee Seva Center name, where you would obtain your voter id card.All the very best!!Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  248. Dear Arjun,Yes, you need to note the number and goto the nearest MeeSeva/eSeva Center and pay them Rs. 10/- to obtain the same…Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  249. Anonymous says:

    Hello,I'm applying the voter id for the first time.Can you please tell me what is Part number of the roll of the Constitutency & Serial number in the voter id card? I'm confused checking it on my mother's card. Where is it located on the voter id card? There are two numbers printed on the backside of the card at the bottom 254/820. Can you please tell me which is which number?Looking forward to your reply,Thanks in advance 🙂

  250. If you are applying for the fresh voter id card for the first time, then you need not mention serial no. But if you want you can mention your part no. i.e., 254. (which is optional)Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  251. rockstar says:

    Sir, i was given a voter id after 6 months of applying.But they gave me a piece of paper which was laminated by them and charged Rs.15/- for the same.if it is called a voter card, why did i just got a laminated paper and not a card ?Am i right in questioning ? whom should i ask about this ?

  252. Dear Friend,For some reason, I could not see the reply I posted to your comment (few days back) here – so I am posting it again.254 is your part no. and you need not fill the serial no. field, as you are applying for a fresh passport (the will issue it)..All the best,Chaitanya.

  253. Dear Friend,Finally you got your Voter ID Card – Congratulations – You have applied for your voter id card and you filled all those details and you finally got it like how you want it to be..So you should certainly appreciate the Indian Government for this initiative.And when it comes to the quality of the card, you should really question your self to understand the budgets of our government!! If you need a better card then, you have an option to go for better lamination / other option – but that is what the Indian Govt. can spend on an average voter id card.I hope you understand the situation.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  254. Anonymous says:

    thanqu but the links of online applications are not available please make it available

  255. I am not the site administrator, so can't make it up. It must be due to the server issues, that should be resolved soon…Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  256. Anonymous says:


  257. Dear Shailesh,Then go and collect it from the nearest eSeva / Mee Seva Center..Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  258. Vicky says:

    HI Ramesh,On backside of my voter card t I can see only Electors photo Identity Card (EPIC) Number. But not able to see the 6-digit no: as you mentioned above. Please let me know how to find.Thank you,Vivek

  259. Dear Vicky,This format is for citizen of A.P.Best Regards,Chaitanya

  260. Hello I am from Odisha. How can I correct my name from voter id card ? plss reply me…

  261. Pradeep, For Odisha – is the link, but I don't know the complete process.. Go through the above website to understand the process…Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  262. Anonymous says:


  263. Hi Friend,There are two points to be discussed for this issue:- 1) Inefficient utilization of technology and resources is quite common in India…2) Population and Cheaters are many in number, this is another problem in India…But we should at least appreciate this initiative from Government, where public can make the changes as per the actual details – through this website…Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  264. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sir,I am Deepak from Odisha. I am having a wrong DOB in my Voter ID Card. Could you please suggest me how can i correct it.Thanks a lot for your Job. Please reply asap.

  265. Anonymous says:

    Hello sir..I had applied voter card correction in the online 2 months back, and after what will i do ? is there any submission of the respective documents ? what are the documents i have to submit and where?Bcz my application is rejected , REMARKS: Not furnished required information/Not signed by the applicant-May be Rejected.Thank you.

  266. Dear Deepak, For Odisha – is the link, but I don't know the complete process.. So go through the above website to understand the process…Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  267. Apply once again with all correct details (probably you must have missed a couple of fields…)All be best,Chaitanya.

  268. Anonymous says:

    Hello Sir, Part number of electoral roll: Serial number in that part: i wish to inform you that i have voter id card but it is under correction so i want to change the name, address and date of birth and i visit your blog as u said on the back side of card there is 6 digit number but i have 3 digit of alphabets and 7 digit of numbers (DMR4382727) so i request you to please inform which numbers i mention in related box in Form 8

  269. I am not sure if you are the citizen of Andhra Pradesh, the process and part no./serial no. concept is only for A.P.!Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  270. chaitu says:

    where can i submit form8a tel me that

  271. chaitu says:

    where can i submit form8a tel me that

  272. Online @ must read my blog-post above to understand the process…… (not just comments).Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  273. Online @ must read my blog-post above to understand the process…… (not just comments).Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  274. Dear Chaitanya,i have some doubts 1.can we apply voter id card for different places?Ex: I had voter id card in Nalgonda,Andhra Pradesh but my brother applied for voter id card in Kurnool,Andhra Pradesh also. Is in any problem in future?.please reply me my mail abdullaedp@gmail.comThanq in Advance

  275. Unknown says:

    Hi am Gunasundari from Chennai….I had applied for my voter ID Two times..First time when i applied i got booth slip for voting but dint receive the voter id card and the second time again i applied last year(2012) Now i got my voter ID card with all correct details but the photo alone Changed… Government officials Sticked some men photo in a Girl Voter ID card…..Please do let me know the procedure to change the photo?

  276. sunil sahani says:

    Hi Sir,How can i change my name n my father's name in voter id card…

  277. look at the process, that I have explained in my post above…Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  278. Dear Gunasundari,Frankly speaking, I don't know the process of Chennai CEO (Chief Electoral Officer).So can't help you in this matter.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  279. You can apply for your Voter ID card from anywhere, but you should mention correct details of yourself in it.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  280. raj sekhar says:

    hi i want to update address on vote ID , could you please guide me on the same.. typically how many days it should take to get the updated one … i need it ASAP for applying passport for my parents

  281. You need to fill form 8 at E-Registration >> Form 8 which will redirect you to must read my blog-post above to understand the process…… (not just comments).It might take more than 30 days to get an approval from CEO and then you have to go to the nearby eSeva / MeeSeva to collect such updated cards. Note:- Such an updated voter id card would also have the date of issue, which would be the latest date as per your request for correction of details. In such case, the voter card would not be one year old and thus is not a valid address proof.Aadhaar is now acceptable by PSK as a valid address proof document, go through this post now – Regards,Chaitanya.

  282. Anonymous says:

    my state and district name is not there in the list,,its haryana

  283. This site is for Andhra Pradesh, similarly for Haryana there would be another website…Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  284. Hi friendI applied correction of photo using form8 and i has given some reference number. after that i checked my status and the application was rejected due to non submission of relevant forms.Do we have to submit any form elsewhere after applying online

  285. Dear Mr. Srinivas,As per the process, you must need to submit Form 8 only. Try to make this correction once again using Form 8 (if possible update your address too with any required additions apart from few other changes wherever required).All the best,Chaitanya.

  286. Shaik Bajee says:

    Hi sir, this is bajee. i was applied new voter id by e-registration at 3months the statues was Application is Accepted by the ERO. It shows to collect your voter id at nearest e-seva center. what are the identity proof required for collecting the voter id from e-seva center.

  287. Take a print out of the status report, along with anything that you have your photo ID. All they need is your Voter ID Number, don't forget that your voter id card will have your photo on it, so they can make out, if it is you or someone else!Note:- They might charge 15/- to 20/- for issuing the laminated voter id then and there within 5 mins.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  288. Is it necessary that Date of birth printed in voter id should pass one year FOR the application of passport

  289. Dear Santhosh,It is not Date of Birth rather Date of Issue, that should be at least one year old to use it as a valid address proof for applying passport.Best Regards,Chaitanya.

  290. Anonymous says:

    no idea…only airtel..these bullshit , ridiculous , shameless and lazy government will never do things at right time. All the old lazy people should be removed from government posts and young and talented youth should be given government jobs.All these corrupted politicians should be sent to jail….Oh god please save this country.Why the hell it takes years to update the voter card…its a matter of 1-2 minutes…oh i guess those people dont know the database query to update the records…wait i will tell the SQL query..update table voter_Card set column votername="" where voterid="";That is the database update query…and it hardly takes 1 sec to execute that query on databaseFor the god sake , please update my voter card… I demand an explanation from this f***ing government as a citizen of INDIA….@hari

  291. Rahmath says:

    Hi Chaitanya, Could you please let me know whether anyone will deliver the changed Voter id to my address or i have to collect it at Eseva center.


    • Once your application is accepted, you need to go the mentioned eSeva to collect your voter id card – they would ask you to produce any of your photo ID Proof and you need to pay about Rs. 10/-

      Best Regards,

  292. fatima says:

    Hi, i have applied for voter id card but not able to check the status it shows no records found please help me to find the status.

  293. fatima says:

    hi i got this message whwn i checked the status can u please explain what does it mean

    STATUS Application is Rejected
    REMARKS Non Submission of relevant Form-may be rejected

  294. Dinesh says:

    Hello Mr. chaitanya …
    while entering details I hav entered adhar card number instead of voter card number in the photo identity section.
    please help me fixing it……

  295. sravan kumar b says:

    HI Chaitanya kumar / All ,

    i have transposed my voter card (Form– 8A) at
    and my
    STATUS of Application is Rejected
    REMARK Non Submission of relevant Form-may be rejected

    Please replay what may be the reason
    thanks n advance

  296. Othenath Raja Gopal says:

    hi chaitanya,

    i applied for voter id card two times and its got rejected what should i do now. my application details are 047137309 and 047831217. without verifying they rejected my application. i want to vote this time. please advise. thanks Othenath raja gopal

  297. Paresh Belagaon says:

    Hi admin,
    After updating how to request for new card with updated details..?

  298. sravanthi says:

    dis is sravanthi…i got voter id card bt there is a spelling mistake in my name …it is given as sravani.. i want to change it bt the form is not coming yet…so plz tell me wt to do..

  299. Chetana says:

    Hi Chaitanya,
    I’ve updated my address in voter id using Form 8. And my doubt is, will I get new voter id with the previous date mentioned in my older voter id that is 3/5/2008. Because I want to use it as a address proof for passport as it is the only source to me, For the passport the address proof must be compulsarily 1 year old.

  300. jeniffer says:

    i am trying to apply for the voter id correction, it’s shows the string is error…can you help me to find a way to do this…….

  301. vasant says:

    hi chaitanya,
    i wanted to have little correction in my voter id so if i update it,,hw many days i will get back wid updated address.

  302. Arpitha says:

    Hi, this link is not working.Can u please me on the same .

  303. siva kumar kotakonda says:

    hi,ow many days it will take to change DOB in voter card after applying.

  304. RGoyary says:

    Its how many days take to find my voter card after correction?kindly tell me.

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